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Rmpfr: Multiple Precision Floating-point in R

Multiple precision numbers & computations for R via GNU MPFR www.mpfr.org and the GNU Multiple Precision arithmetic library GMP, both external C libraries which are free/libre (which is "open source" but even more).

Installation from source: Needs MPFR and GMP libraries

either from the above web pages, or much more conveniently from your Linux distribution package system:

Rmpfr provides S4 classes and methods for arithmetic including transcendental ("special") functions for arbitrary precision floating point numbers. To this end, it interfaces to the LGPL ed MPFR (Multiple Precision Floating-Point Reliable) Library which itself is based on the GMP (GNU Multiple Precision) Library.

The (Swiss mirror of the) CRAN page of Rmpfr, Rmpfr CRAN page contains the reference manual (help pages of all functions), vignettes (in pdf) and further relevant information about the package.

In 2012, Rmpfr is also interfacing to the R package gmp. gmp implements exact arithmetic for large integers and rationals, the former also "modulo m",

The Rmpfr project summary page is here.